Eye Make-up Remover Non Oily 180ml

MONU Eye Make up Remover Non Oily 180ml
MONU Eye Make up Remover Non Oily 180ml against animal


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Product Code: EMNO-194


An invigorating gel designed to remove eye makeup whilst calming and nourishing this sensitive area. Formulated with Rose and Cornflower extract and Glycerin, the Non Oily Eye Makeup Remover gently cleanses and comforts the skin, restoring hydration and reducing redness and irritation. A must for weary eyes and sensitive skin in need of an instant radiance boost.


Perfect for all skin types.


Top Tip: The Eye Make-up Remover is particularly effective when used prior to lash tinting or perming as it leaves no oily residue.


How to use

Apply the Eye Make-up Remover gently over the eyelashes with cotton wool or a cotton bud keeping the eye closed. Repeat this process until all makeup has been removed from the area.


*Not suitable for waterproof or long-lasting eye makeup.

Key Actives

Rose Extract      

Has a light floral aroma that is extremely mood enhancing. It is used in skincare when treating sensitive skin and can also lift the spirits. Only a little of this essence is required, as its perfume is intense.

Cornflower Extract         

Taken from the flower, this extract has soothing properties and is often used in eye care. Anti-inflammatory.

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