TANWORX Express Tan Liquid - Dark to Very Dark

TW 200ml Express TL D Vdark
TW 200ml Express TL D Vdark against animal


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Key Actives


Obtained from glycerol, this ingredient reacts with amino acids in the skin to provide a natural looking sun tanned appearance.


    • A quick drying, non-sticky formula created using a blend of natural ingredients that results in an instant deep colour that develops into a dark, long-lasting tan.


    • Perfect for those looking to create a healthy, natural looking glow in no time at all.


    • Easy to apply, quick drying and streak-free.


    • Available in two colours.


  • Suited to those who prefer a darker colour.


How To Use:

    • Exfoliate before application and apply moisturiser to any dry areas of skin, but not to the entire body.


    • Use the mitt provided to apply the liquid to the skin, this will ensure a streak free result. If necessary, wash palms of hands after use.


    • Colour is instant and will intensify over a period of 3 hours.


  • Wait 8 hours before bathing or showering. Moisturise daily to maintain.

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