• RENUSKIN Flash Relax Mask 100ml

RENUSKIN Flash Relax Mask 100ml

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The RENUSKIN Flash Relax Mask works to smooth fine lines whilst firming facial contours to give you an instantly more youthful and radiant complexion. A careful combination of Ginseng and Magnesium gently relaxes the muscles to provide a smoothing and lifting effect to ensure skin looks and feels toned and tightened. A blend of Vitamins C and B5 naturally enhances skins radiance whilst restoring moisture and intensively hydrating. Skin tone and textured is balanced to ensure the face looks visibly brighter and lighter.

Perfect for mature or dry skin

Top Tip: The RENUSKIN Flash Relax Mask is an ideal product to use before a big event or after a long day.

How to use

Use once or twice a week. Apply the RENUSKIN Flash Relax Mask to clean skin, avoiding delicate eye and lip areas. Massage in well then leave for 5-10 minutes. Remove with lukewarm water using sponges or damp cotton wool. Slight tingling sensation may be experienced.

Paraben free formulation.


These are molecules of neutrally charged sugars which are moisture binding and mimic the skin’s intercellular cementing. They provide structural support for the connective tissues

Sodium Hyaluronate  

A superb moisturiser taken from fermented soya proteins. A moisture binding ingredient which helps the skin to capture and hold onto water molecules.

Chicory Extract 

Part of the Chicory, Algae and Marine Magnesium complex. This is a natural extract from the roots of the chicory plant. A polysaccharide consisting mainly of glucose and fructose. Both these sugars have powerful moisturising properties due to their high capacity for water retention. This part of the active complex works to maintain skin cells in good condition, helping to keep cell membranes intact and preserving the skin’s smooth and supple appearance.

Algae and Active Marine Magnesium     

Part of the Chicory, Algae and Marine Magnesium complex. Magnesium works at the fine nerve endings. It acts to inhibit calcium which “contracts” the facial muscles resulting in expression lines. Marine magnesium helps to instantly relax expression lines.

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