Amy, our Skincare Educator advises: “All skin needs exfoliating and combination skin is no different. The oily t-zone needs exfoliation to open pores and stave off breakouts whilst dry areas need it to remove dead skin cells and brighten dull patches. Use Micro Exfoliant 2 -3 times a week, being careful to be gentle on dry areas and scrub slightly more on oily patches.”

Exfoliate to remove built up cells

Embrace oils

Combination skin in particular should embrace the introduction of facial oils into their skincare regime. You may be wary of using oils if you suffer with an oily t-zone but using products like our Soothing Hawaii Facial Oil will help balance oil production in the skin and keep your complexion radiant. The Hawaii Oil contains a hydrating blend of Sandalwood and Lavender Essential Oils to ensure skin is comforted and refreshed.

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