Water plays a significant role in keeping the body fighting fit and the organs functioning properly. Staying hydrated aids in everything from digestion and circulation to the absorption of nutrients and the purging of toxins. It is an essential component for our effective performance in day to day life, making up between 50-65% of the body.

Although many of us understand the countless benefits water has for the body, have you ever considered what it can do for your skin? Hannah, Head of Skincare Education at MONU advises: “We recognise the importance of a good skincare regime to ensure the skin looks and feels radiant, fresh and full of vitality. However, without proper hydration the complexion will look dull and sluggish with signs of ageing beginning to appear at a faster rate.” 

Read on to find out why you should be drinking more water.

Hydrated & Happy 

Research recommends that women should be drinking approximately 2.2 litres of water per day, whilst men should be drinking as much as 3 litres. Drinking an adequate amount will not only leave you feeling energised and refreshed but also promises to keep dehydration at bay.


Should you let yourself become dehydrated on a regular basis the appearance of the complexion is more than likely to suffer. You can expect to see signs of dryness, flaky patches and prominent pores coming to the fore along with a lacklustre skin tone and sunken circles around the eyes.


Proper hydration promises to maintain optimum moisture levels whilst delivering essential nutrients and fatty acids to the skin cells. Skin is calmed, cleansed and plumped as toxins and impurities are purged.


Anti-Ageing Antidote

Drinking water throughout the day offers the perfect remedy to target signs of premature ageing. Water replenishes skin tissue, helping to increase its elasticity and delaying the appearance of fine lines around the delicate eye area and mouth contour. By maintaining your water intake, the face is plumped and radiance is restored for an instantly more youthful appearance. 

If you have mature skin or are suffering with the signs of premature ageing, it is also important to incorporate the right products into your skincare regime. Our RENUSKIN range has been developed to rejuvenate the complexion and actively reduce the appearance of ageing. 

Through a careful combination of natural ingredients these products, including Rich Cream Cleanser, Soft Touch Toner and Deep Repair Complex, promise to protect and renew the skin whilst locking-in moisture. Incorporated into your daily skincare regime, alongside a healthy lifestyle, they will form a protective barrier to shield from impurities and improve elasticity for a light, bright and fresh look. 

Target Skin Conditions

Skin cells require water to help them function properly. Staying hydrated will not only leave you looking and feeling energised but will also help tackle underlying conditions such as eczema, psoriasis and irritation by flushing out toxins and smoothing the surface of the skin. 

Getting your recommended daily amount of water will also help to protect the skin from breakouts by decreasing the concentration of sebum which often leads to congestion. Overall skin health is increased to enhance and brighten skin tone.  

Don’t just drink it!

Whilst drinking water promises to leave your skin feeling fresh, applying it directly to the skin comes with its own benefits too. For example, bathing in cold water will calm redness and soothe irritations, priming the skin for better makeup application by tightening the pores. 

A cool shower or bath also helps to reduce stress related damage to the skin. Soaking the body for just 2-3 minutes will rejuvenate and revive a lacklustre complexion whilst a cold water compress is ideal for treating under-eye inflammation and dark circles.   

Don’t forget your skincare

Although drinking your recommended intake of water on a daily basis is necessary for skin health and rejuvenation, it shouldn’t be an excuse to forego your skincare regime. Proper skincare is of upmost importance for balancing and maintaining a healthy skin tone and texture, targeting problem areas and sustaining barrier function for a fresh, radiant appearance. 

 “Maintaining a daily ritual is extremely important for the health and wellbeing of your skin. Cleansing helps to remove the impurities produced by the sebaceous glands during the night whilst toning assists in neutralising the pH level of the skin and preparing it for the application of serums and moisturisers.” says Hannah. 

It goes without saying that your skincare regime should be targeted to the needs of your skin. Drier skin types should opt for our Gentle Cleanser and Toner to restore suppleness and hydration whilst the Active range is aimed at balancing and brightening combination skin. Oily or spot prone skins should opt for the Clarifying Cleanser and Toner to refine the complexion and control shine. 

So what are you waiting for – it’s time to up your water game!

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