Self Care At Home

Self-care at home


These really are unprecedented times and the stress and worry of a global pandemic is likely to be taking its toll on both your physical and mental wellbeing. We’re adjusting to a new normal; one that sees us spending most of our time within the confines of our own four walls, and unable to see our loved ones without the help of FaceTime.


At MONU, we want to use our self-care wisdom to help calm and comfort you during this difficult time. It’s completely normal to feel overwhelmed, anxious and stressed, but we also want you to know that it’s ok to take time out for yourself each day – in fact, it’s essential to ensure you’re in the right mindset to take care of yourself and your family.


Our next few blog posts will be dedicated to keeping you safe, well and sane at home, including everything from skincare to home hacks. So, sit back, get comfy and discover our tips and advice to maximise your self-care at home.


Stick to your skincare

With so much else going on, skincare may seem like an unimportant luxury. But why not use this extra time at home to provide the skin with attention it craves. Those five minutes that you carve out for yourself at the start and end of each day will help to provide a sense of calmness and normality during an otherwise stressful period.


Something as simple as a cleanse should never be forgotten! Even though we’re not going out, your skin will still pick up dust and airborne particles in the home, which, without proper cleansing both AM and PM, will lead to blocked pores and breakouts. Using a more indulgent product, like Cleansing Balm, will help to rid the skin of impurities, as well as providing a much-needed moment of calm. Follow up with Micellar Water to refresh and energise.


Don’t just take our word for it, here’s one our fabulous customers’ reaction to MONU Micellar Water.


Healthy Hands

With the advice to wash our hands more frequently and for at least 20 seconds each time, it’s important to opt for a gentle, SLS-free handwash to avoid skin becoming dry, cracked and uncomfortable.


Our Mandarin and Rose Handwash provides a welcome boost of hydration to chapped hands, whilst effectively cleansing the skin from bacteria. Be sure to properly dry the hands and follow up with a slick of Lemon and Lavender Hand Cream to lock in moisture, smooth & comfort. Plus, it smells incredible too!


Top Tip: For added comfort, layer hand cream on just before bed and put your hands inside cotton socks overnight.  


Exercise for mind and body

Exercise is just as good for your mental health as it is your physical health. When we exercise, happy hormones are released, which reduce stress levels and leaves us feeling more relaxed. And we’re not just talking high-intensity workout’s; it can as simple as a dance around your kitchen, light stretches or a (socially-distanced) walk around the block.


With gym’s closed, a plethora of workouts are now available online for anyone to join in with, including YouTube video’s, Facebook Livestreams and classes via video conferencing apps, like Zoom. Not only is this another great way to give your day some structure and routine, it will also help to provide some much-needed social interaction! Yoga in particular is great if you’re feeling anxious or stressed, as the need to focus on your breathing will transport your mind to a state of calm.


If you need some inspiration, we’ve linked some of our favourite online workouts below:

  • For high quality yoga flows and mindfulness , we recommend Yoga with Adriene
  • As well as daily PE classes for children, Joe Wicks adds weekly HIIT workouts to his YouTube channel aimed at a variety of fitness levels
  • For variety, why not check out the NHS Fitness Studio
  • Want to get into running? It has to be Couch to 5k!
  • Strictly’s Karen Hauer is live streaming workouts on her Instagram whilst Barry’s UK also have a jam-packed daily schedule of live home workouts to get stuck into


A moment for mindfulness

It may seem like a blast from your teenage past, but keeping a diary or journal is a great way of expressing your thoughts, feelings and frustrations. It’s inevitable that we’re going to suffer with bad days, perhaps feeling overwhelmed by this situation that we’re unable to control. Writing down your feelings will help you to understand your emotions and free up the tensions that could be preventing you from feeling relaxed, happy and able to enjoy the little things.


Feelgood Fridays (or any day, for that matter)

If you’re days are beginning to bleed into each other, why not mark the end of the week by hosting your very own at-home pamper night. Start by pouring yourself a glass of wine, grabbing that book you’ve been meaning to read and running yourself a hot bath – and for the ultimate luxury, throw in a generous pinch of Papaya Bath Salt. Our formula combines Sea Salt, Linseed and Papaya extract to naturally restore hydration, soothe aching muscles and replenish elasticity.


Of course, no pamper evening is complete without your favourite face mask. Our go-to is always the Aromatic Mask, it provides a deep cleanse and thoroughly stimulates and energises the complexion through an innovative blend of Coconut Oil and Beeswax.


Keep in touch

Now, more than ever, it’s important to keep in touch with friends and family, albeit virtually. We recommend scheduling calls to your loved ones at a specific time to ensure you have something to look forward to throughout the day. Use this time to check in on each other, but also to switch off from the seriousness of the situation – why not host a quiz or play virtual game!


Here's our pick of the best video-calling apps out there:

  • For big groups, we recommend Zoom. Usually used for video conferencing, this app allows up to 100 people to join a call – so it’s ideal for hosting a virtual party night!
  • For family catch ups, FaceTime (if everyone has an iPhone) or Whatsapp Whatsapp limits calls to four people, but calling is free so it’s ideal for catching up with your parents or siblings.
  • For games night with your friends, it has to be Houseparty. It alerts you when anyone from your list of contacts come online and let’s people easily join the chat, plus the built-in games are a bonus!


From all at MONU, we’re hope you’re staying home, staying safe and keeping sane. If you’d like more tips and tricks on at-home beauty hacks, be sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook @monuskincare.

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