Loving Your Lockdown Home

Loving Your Lockdown Home


In the last month, life has changed in ways that we previously deemed unimaginable. With the nation currently confined to our own four walls, we’re focussing on a slightly different subject this week: the home.


For many, lockdown will be a time to tackle home improvement projects, learn new skills, develop fitness and bake to our hearts content (banana bread, anybody?). For others, it’s not so easy, especially with the pressure of working and schooling from home added to the mix.


When you spend all day every day at home, it might not feel like the sanctuary it once was, particularly when your using the same space for all your tasks. If you’re struggling to keep to a routine, or your children are becoming bored, we’ve got a few tips and tricks which might make our (hopefully) final weeks in lockdown a little easier for everyone.


Firstly, we’re focussing on creating a calm and productive working environment.

When your home becomes your office and your office becomes your home, the line between them can become blurred. In the office, we have our own designated workspace to rely on, at home this isn’t always the case. If you don’t have a dedicated room to use as an office, it’s important to find a space where you can set up shop permanently – no matter how tempting it is to work from your bed!


It can be as simple as setting up a makeshift desk at your kitchen or dining room table, or even your dressing table. Wherever it is, you need to be strict and divide your working time from everything else to stop it from bleeding into your home life. Setting work hours that you can stick to, will not only boost your productivity, but will also help you switch off at the end of the day, avoiding the dreaded burnout. Similarly, it’s important that while you’re at this space, everyone else in the house knows you’re at work and shouldn’t be interrupted.


Once you’ve found your space, it’s time to get creative! It should be somewhere that inspires and motivates you. We recommend choosing a spot that’s close to a window, as the natural light will help to increase your energy, positivity and creativity. This will also allow you to take breaks throughout the day to enjoy nature and refocus your mind on the task at hand.


Just like natural light, your mood, productivity and frame of mind can is also affected by smell. So why not have some fun playing with scents in your new office space? We recommend investing in a good reed diffuser to evenly and subtly disperse scent. MONU’s Grapefruit and Lemongrass Reed Diffuser has the perfect zesty scent to energise and stimulate the brain without being overpowering.  


If you’re still struggling with adjusting to your new working-from-home routine, we’d recommend having a read of Home & Garden’s feature on working from home without losing your mind.


A space for the children

Creating a space for children is just as important as your office space. A matching mini desk is a great idea, but if this isn’t possible simply designating a space for them to play quietly will help. This could range from a play pen to a small table, or one end of the dining table, stocked with arts and crafts supplies, or schoolwork if they’re at that age. You could even go one step further and block it off with tape or a cardboard divider.


Work with your little ones to create and plan this space. Involving them in this process will give them a sense of ownership and accountability, whilst also helping them to feel more connected to it, ensuring the end product is a place where they will love spending time – whether it’s to learn, read, doodle or play online games. Whilst it’s no match for the classroom, it’ll become a special, calm place for them during this strange time, allowing you more time to achieve your work.


For additional advice and guidance on working from home with your children, check out this handy article from the BBC. And, if you’re looking for some inspiration for keeping your little ones while they’re not at school, take a look at this list of 60 activities to keep children entertained.


A space to relax and unwind

With stress and anxieties at a high, now would be the perfect time to check in to a luxury spa. While that’s not possible right now, there are still plenty of ways you can enjoy some self-care at home. Firstly, choose a space that will provides maximum comfort whilst evoking a sense of calm and relaxation. This could be your bedroom, living room or a quiet corner of your garden. Wherever it is, we advise adorning it with plenty of cushions and blankets to create your own little nest.


Much like the home office, scent is key for creating the perfect spa atmosphere. For triggering relaxation, we recommend our Rose and Patchouli Massage Candle. Burn this for a few minutes and you’ll instantly be transported to the treatment room at your favourite spa. Even better, once burned for a few minutes, the wax melts into a sumptuous body oil, allowing you to complete your own leg, neck, shoulder or hand massage – bliss!


If you don’t have time to complete the full spa experience, we recommend investing in a multi-tasking product, like Instant Vitality Gel, for a quick pick-me-up. Containing Arnica and Aloe Vera, the gel can be gently massaged into aching muscles to cool and soothe or rubbed into the temples to revive both body and mind after a long day. Plus, with a 60% alcohol content, it also doubles up as a hand sanitizer!


Tidy home, tidy mind

You might be reading this and thinking, there is no way my home is big enough to create separate spaces, but you will be surprised what a little organisation can do! So, why not use this newfound time at home to de-clutter and organise your home, Marie Kondo style?


This might seem like an overwhelming task, especially if you have small children, but the trick is to start small, organising your home room by room. Use a timer to help break the activity up and keep your mind focussed on the end goal. For example, if you’re organising the bedroom, start with just one drawer or cupboard.


Once you have completed this small task, the process will become more manageable and you will feel motivated to complete the rest of the room. Simple tricks, like storing items in a different way and categorising them to make things more accessible will instantly create more space and put you in a brighter frame of mind.


Keep yourself energised during your decluttering session with a spritz of Rosewood Reviving Mist every now and then! Its invigorating scents of Lemon, Rosewood and Sandalwood will bring a welcome refreshing sensation to your skin whilst providing an irresistible fragrance to awaken the senses.


When it comes to decluttering your home, this is just the tip of iceberg. There’s plenty of in-depth tips and tricks out there to help you make your home a calmer, more organised space. We’d recommend sinking your teeth into these articles for starters:



From all at MONU, we’re hope you’re staying home, staying safe and keeping sane. If you’d like more at-home beauty and selfcare advice, be sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook @monuskincare.


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